Detroit series 60 turbo inlet temp sensor

Jul 24, 2011 · Figure 2. Series 60 Diesel ECM and Sensor Locations For the sensor locations for the Series 60, 2002 EGR engine, see Figure "Sensor Locations, Series 60 2002 EGR Engine" . 1. EGR Valve 9. EGR Temperature Sensor 2. VNT 10. Turbo Boost Sensor 3. Turbo Compressor Outlet Temp Sensor (TCO) 11. Intake Air Temp Sensor Power Service Literature Page 2 of 5

Nov 14, 2010 · The air inlet temperature semsor is located in the sensor BEFORE the turbo. This measures ambiant air temperature. The air temperature sensor on the intake manifold will affect engine performance as excessive temperature willl derate the engine until the temperature is below warning. The engine derate is usually about 2 to 4%. -----
Jan 17, 2004 · I dont have any first hand experience with the 500 which I think is the 12.1 cranked up to 500 hp? I have heard some talk about turbo failures at around 300+K but nothing from the horses mouth. I know the 12.1 430hp is in alot of trucks on the road and has been around quite a while. The only Detroit I have owned was a 6V92 series in a 82 KW.

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The Series 60 diesel engine Fuel Temperature Sensor (FTS) is installed into the secondary fuel filter.The FTS sends an electrical… Series 60 Air Temperature Sensor On DDEC III/IV engines there is an Air Temperature Sensor (ATS) mounted to the bottom of the intake manifold.

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Detroit series 60 turbo inlet temp sensor

Exhaust & Intake Manifolds; ... Bully Dog Premium Detroit 60 Series Turbo Charger. ... Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine Turbo Temperature Sensor 23527813. $49.95.

Air intake restriction. This would be due to a dirty air cleaner, blocked pipes or a stuck butterfly valve found on some vehicles. In addition, a faulty air flow sensor on the air intake will cause problems. There will also be excessive smoke. Turbo problems. We are seeing more turbochargers failing with newer vehicles. Sensor Detroit Diesel Series 60 Temperature 14L. SKU: US63-23022. $25.99 In Stock. Usually ships within 24 hours. Ship This Item . Shipping fee is calculated during ...
A turbo-boost pressure sensor is mounted to the intake manifold with two bolts. An O-ring seals the boost sensor where it enters a hole in the manifold. On DDEC III/IV engines there is an air temperature sensor located on the bottom of the manifold. Table 6-5 lists Detroit Diesel nomenclature. Figure 6-23 illustrates Series 60 DDEC V component locations and Figs. 6-24A and B illustrate schematics for injector and VPOD wiring. In addition to those called out in the schematics, DDEC V and VI systems incorporate sensors that monitor: • Ambient air temperature and pressure

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Fault Codes for Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines Have you ever wondered what those engine codes mean when you have a check-engine light on in your truck? Well, wonder no more because the following codes are supplied as a trouble-shooting guide for mechanics.

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