Firecapture manual

FireCapture License. Except where otherwise noted, all of the documentation and software included in the FireCapture package is copyrighted by Torsten Edelmann.

Introducing StarTools A new way of astronomical image and signal processing. StarTools is a new type of image processing application for astrophotography that tracks signal and noise propagation as you process.
How to Open a File in Windows. This wikiHow teaches you different ways to open files on your Windows PC. If you have the app you used to create the file, you can open the file from within the app. You can also browse to the file using the...

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Apr 16, 2012 · Imaging the ISS Over the last while, I’ve had many requests via Twitter to write a ‘How To’ on imaging the International Space Station [ISS]. So I’ve decided to get the finger out & put a few l…

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Firecapture manual

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Jul 19, 2013 · Both FireCapture and Sharpcap are good video capture programs and both have support for QHY cameras. Of the two programs, FireCapture has a more complex user interface allowing greater control options over the camera settings. It does no harm to download both programs on your PC and swap between them at will to see which one best meets your needs. Foro de astronomía y práctica observacional para el astrónomo aficionado y amateur, astrofotografía, telescopios accesorios y técnicas.
RegiStax 6 moving forward The development team worked hard and has tested many new versions. One of the most recent developments has been that we have now prepared the code to work also under multi-core environments which can speed up processing a great deal.

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One customer send me email: I'm not seeing it(SV305) in SharpCap 2.9, Firecapture 2.6, Phd2 or SGP. Is this camera ASCOM compatible? I have to say sorry, our engineer is working on it now. we are trying our best to make more softwares to support our SV305 engineer.

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