Godot sprite stretch

All User Interface nodes inherit from Control. Features anchors and margins to adapt its position and size to its parent.

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!! this tutorial can also work with the new 3.x version Godot, but in certain places there are already bigger differences !! The first thing I usually do on a new Godot 2.0 project is . to adjust the project settings according to the game type. For a perfect 64x64 pixel game that looks correct no matter what the scale,

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In project settings > Display i got stretch_aspect = keep_height and stretch_mode = 2d. And i don't understand cause my sprite should be at the bottom ! I come from cocos2d where everything fit well everywhere, and i'm kind of lost in Godot ^^ So do you guys know how to resolve my this ? Thanks !

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Godot sprite stretch

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In this part we are going to explore using Particles in the Godot Engine. Particles are generally sprites, either provided by you or generated programmatically, that are controlled by a unified system. Think of a rain storm, each drop of rain would represent a particle, but the entire storm itself would be the particle system. Textures objects and parameters. Just like VBOs and VAOs, textures are objects that need to be generated first by calling a function. It shouldn't be a surprise at this point what this function is called.
Why does Godot not use STL (Standard Template Library) Why does Godot not use exceptions? Why does Godot not enforce RTTI? Why does Godot not force users to implement DoD (Data oriented Design)? Як я можу підтримати розвиток Godot або зробити свій внесок? Хто працює над Godot? void set_stretch_ratio (float ratio ) Hint for containers, set the stretch ratio. This value is relative to other stretch ratio, so if this control has 2 and another has 1, this one will be twice as big. float get_stretch_ratio const; Hint for containers, return the stretch ratio.

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