Htc vive calibration

Sep 25, 2016 · If screwing your HTC Vive's base station into the wall is a little too permanent, a number of other options are available. Try a cabled sync. By switching your base stations over to a wired sync, this eliminates another complexity in the HTC Vive's tracking technology.

The HTC Vive uses a really innovative way to add 3D pose estimation and position sensing to their VR experience. The "Lighthouse" design works like classic naval lighthouses, updated to work in 3D at 60Hz 30Hz and using IR instead of visible light.
HTC Vive Cosmos - QuiVR controller calibration. Is there a way to calibrate the controllers for how far you have to draw the arrow? I have shorter arms and I'm pretty ...

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HTC Vive or Oculus Rift The calibration tool requires one of these two VR systems to work. The tool uses the controllers’ tracking to evaluate the location of the camera. If this is the first time you’ve set up an HTC Vive or Oculus system, you will need to complete their setup process first for calibration to work properly.

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Htc vive calibration

Pupil Labs - We build state of the art eye tracking hardware and software. We work hard to bring research ideas out of the lab and into the real world.

I did the setup for my Vive. I'm 6'4". When my 5'5" wife plays, she notices odd things, like the "belt" in Vanishing Realms being way below her reach, and tonight she couldn't pick something up off the floor in Starseed, it seemed to be below her reach even though she had the controller against the floor.
The Vive Tracker should snap into the correct place when the calibration is finished and the calibration will be automatically saved. You only have to do it for one tracker. The calibration will be applied to the other ones automatically. Turn on your other Trackers; Open VRChat and have fun Jul 15, 2017 · The HTC Vive is the most advanced VR system that you can buy for home use today. It allows you to use your hands to interact with digital environment, and it can track you in a space as large as ...

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May 16, 2016 · I just want to know how I can recalibrate room scaling for the Vive after I have already done this once during the general Vive setup routine. Do I really have to start all over again with launching the ViveSetup.exe and do the whole setup process again although I just want to recalibrate my playing area or can I access the room scaling routine directly (maybe via Steam)? Thanks in advance!

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