Why does my discord lag when i play games

Check cpu usage with Discord on as well while playing Siege. The primary cpu core is responsible for a lot. It's running a lot of background services from Windows and games, everything and how efficient it is will affect rest of the cores and overall cpu performance.

The thing is, my FPS is dropping from 50--60 to anywhere between 7 and 20 but it only happens when I have discord open in the background. This is extremely frustrating since I enjoy being able to talk to my friends while I play, but I can't do it now or else the game becomes literally unplayable.
Apr 03, 2019 · Official Discord server for game ... alleviate some lag experienced while playing with other people. ... Documents\My Games\Borderlands Game of the Year ... The problem is my other games, when experiencing the spikes, lagged so little that I didn't even notice. Whereas, for some reason, LoL treats lag spikes like your entire computer is restarting. Do you have any games that flash a lag icon when experiencing connection problems?

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Super Smash Flash 2 has low landing lag, high hitstun, and high gravity, leading to an exhilarating combo game with lots of mixups that will still feel right at home to those coming from any of the official Smash games – even ones where combos don’t exist.

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Why does my discord lag when i play games

LAGedy LAG LAG, how we hate you! Every one has Lag to deal with on occasion. When in RotMG try the following; Check to see if you are playing on the best server. You can do that by selecting your servers and then the BEST SERVER option at the top. During peak internet times (you know when they are) the servers are very busy.

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Only when Netflix is up (doesn't matter what else I'm running or not), my entire computer will (FPS) lag a bit, even Netflix itself. My rig is more than capable of running Netflix, as is my bandwidth, yet if it's up, I get consistent FPS drops on literally everything (even as I'm typing this forum post, it's lagging a bit).

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